New York Collection

Bold, Innovative and Contemporary. Our New York Trend Collection of premium quality human weaving hair.  Available in a contemporary array of styles, colors and textures.  Perfect for the latest trend-setting urban styles, all in 4 oz packages.

New York Ultra Wave

New York Ultra Wave has lots of body, tight waves and is beautiful. Needs daily styling and upkeep but worth every minute!

New York Perm

A relaxed texture; with fullness, softness and body.

Spanish Wave

Deep waves / curls, full of body & bounce. Spanish Wave has almost a spirally type of wave pattern. For the individual who only wants to wear curly.

New York Silky Straight

Body, Bounce and Straight.

New York Wavy

New York Wavy is one of our best wet and wavy style hair. The greatest attention is paid to the highest quality human hair weaves raw material and process.

New York Silky Wave

Soft, smooth and slightly wavy. When you want just a touch of body. Arrives straight, once wet with warm water it activates the body wave.

European Perm

Soft natural waves and very versatile. Wear wet and wavy or set in rollers.