Our Pre-Bonded extensions are a perfect choice for anyone who wants a different method of adding length, fullness and especially highlights.

With ourSEALER just press and you can add just the look you want. Or use ourLINKETTS for easy, not-heat attachment.

Relaxed Texture, 1.65 oz. of pre-bonded hair pieces in a pack. One pack to add volume but we recommend two to three packs to do a full head of hair..

High Quality Remi, 100% Human Hair, Pre-Bonded with Protein Base Glue bond tips


  • Wash with mild shampoo/ condition - avoid tips - not more than twice weekly
  • Wash only in cold or luke warm water
  • Use of our LOOP Brush is recommended, will not pull on links
  • Air dry - if you use a drying avoid tip area
  • Processed hair should not use heating stylers on a regular basis, keep conditioned, protected.  Be aware of equipment temperature, extensions can be damaged due to extreme heat.
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Average Review:

Heather |

Wore this to my military ball and everyone couldnt believe that it matched my hair so beautifuly! Thank you for putting up my picture on your testimonials page. Always a loyal customer :

Nina Carrington |

i am wearing the 20 and loving it! Matched my hair perfectly - I have straightened and curled with iron on low setting no problem