Dominica Curl Natural Remi

New Special Bundle Prices Available!  A tightly coiled steam curl, gorgeous on any face shape.  A little more maintenance due to the curls but worth it!

  • Curl - Tight, Defined
  • Thick Weft
  • Regular Maintenance - Daily Styling, Wrapping
  • Nice and Full
  • 3.5 oz per pack 



Maintenance: We recommend washing/conditioning, combing with a wide tooth comb and allowing to air dry. You can add product and scrunch if desired but a lot of product build up is not healthy for human hair. We recommend shampooing and conditioning as needed.

Our Pure Remi Collection is all natural. The hair color naturally varies by piece between a 1B-2 and as with any natural product; no two colors are exactly the same. Coloring can be a little lighter or darker, we can not guarantee the same shade shipped on every order. If more than one piece is ordered at one time, we will send as closely matched pieces as possible.


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Average Review:

Debra Dallas |

Highly recommend this hair. Ive had it for over a month and its wonderful. Excellent texture.


I have had it for three months and it curls just like my hair.